Out of balance or steady course?

out-of-balanceI’ve just come across this great ant photograph via Twitter. It’s called “Out of Balance by Janette Oerlemans see it in full here

The picture, which of course is right up our street being about ants, also made me think about the role of leaders in tough times. Holding a steady course through difficult trading periods is vital for all businesses, small or large.

Doing so means starting with a very clear picture of where you want to get to. When times are tough there is a great temptation to be a headless chicken rather than a focused ant and run around doing lots of things.

Instead, leaders need to create a very clear picture of their desired future and make that come alive for everyone around them, so that employees will all engage with the task of delivering the vision.

This sounds obvious, but unfortunately it is far from the norm. Leaders frequently get very hands-on and managerial when crisis looms. That behaviour filters down through the organisation, so that individuals cannot see the big picture and get so focused on the minutiae of “doing the job” that they lose all sight of the true purpose of the business.

If you want to know more about how to set a steady course and inspire the rest of your team to follow it with you, then give us a call on 07967 110096


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