Getting a new business off the ground

Clare Flynn of Make it and Mend it

Credit: Professional Images

Several people have asked me to share the lessons from the talk I gave at the PRIME event for new “mature” entrepreneurs. These lessons are relevant no matter what your age!

>>MIAMI Story_lowres

My Make it and Mend it colleagues and I identified these 8 lessons from our experiences, launching MIAMI about 9 months ago.

There are a lot of other learnings – in particular about marketing and building traffic – but these 8 struck us as particularly relevant to those who like us are juggling a new start-up with existing businesses and other commitments, such as family responsibilities and voluntary work. They are also relevant to people who like us are setting up business as a small team rather than an individual and to people who are building a business offline.

The key themes are

  1. Follow your passion – it’s hard work so you’d better care about it!
  2. Get a stake in the ground – act fast to get going and make it real
  3. Clear roles and communications – and work on the relationship
  4. Exploit social media – ignore this at your peril! Tweet tweet!
  5. Have a clear strategic focus – you need priorities – you’ll never do it all at once
  6. Learn and develop – be humble and thirsty for knowledge – there’s tons to learn
  7. Use the power of the network – and work hard to extend it
  8. Get a sense of balance – between keeping momentum and having a life!

I’d love to hear from any other recent start-ups about your own experiences and we’re ready to help anyone trying to start out now. Just drop use an email, send us a tweet, give us a bell or leave a comment here!

This version is much prettier but it’s 8MB – >> MIAMI Story_lowres

If you’re short of bandwidth this one’s 1.3MB  as I’ve plucked out most of the pictures >>MIAMI Story_nopix

>> Make it and Mend it


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